Perspective and Emotional Balance

Posted by Hari Shabd Kaur
Hari Shabd Kaur
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gong meditationPerspective and Emotional Balance

I did this mediation with a beginners class. Sometimes when you have been practicing yoga for a while; its nice to come back to the basics and explore the simple prana excercises.  These are the foundations.

This one is a jewel

Breathing long and deep through the left nostril while the right nostril is blocked off.  once you can't inhale anymore blocking off the left nostril and letting the breath smoothly flow out of the right nostril.

You instantly feel calm and your body and mind start to relax down.  This is great one if you have had any shocks/fear and/or anxieties. Its one for the evening to put away those worries for another day.

The change of breath allows you to go outside the problem so you are no longer in it.  This gives you a different perspective and allows you to make choices that are real and not in a fantasy of your creation.

If you want to have a go then go to:

If you are a teacher or a committed yogi then this is one to master!

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