Getting Rid of Faults in the Spine

Posted by Hari Shabd Kaur
Hari Shabd Kaur
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camel pose2Getting rid pf Fauls in the Spine

I did this kriya with some beginners in my Monday class. Its a great beginners set but also can challenge the intermediate student!

This set focuses on the spine and activating the kundalini energy at the base of the spine. Its great for those of us that keep a lot of tension on the shoulders and neck.  It really shifts and loosens the tension so when you breath you can let it go! It can be very mediative so its important to ground yourself when you finish by either imaging red in your feet or having something heavy to eat such as a potatoe. 

I believe that if the spine is not flexible then how can our thinking be flexiable? we need to learn to flex with the emotions that rise and lower.  Instead of being in them; lets surf them.  This kriya provides you with tools to do this.

Are you brave enough have a go... if so go to:

You will see a different perspective of YOU.

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Heal the body and mind; Let the spirit shine

Posted by Hari Shabd Kaur
Hari Shabd Kaur
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Kriya: Build up the Glandular system and inner organs

Thursday's evening class focused on the glandular system and inner organs.  We forget how important our glands are to our daily functioning.  If you begin to feel sluggish/tired all the time and are gaining weight for no apparent reason then this is a great kriya to bring back your vitality and brightest.

Yogi Bhajan said to make this set apart of your life.  11 mins a day and you will never have problems with your inner organs and glands.  The glands are the guardians of health!!

I came across these 3 excercises whilst i was in India; all i was told was to do them for 3 mins each; every day.  I wasn't given anymore information.  Once I made a regular commitment to them I found I was stronger and much more determined in my thinking.  I began to follow through with whatever tasks I set myself.  Inside I felt great.

As i was looking through what set i was going to do with the students in my evening class i came across this kriya!

The lesson I believe in this is to follow your intuition and let yourself be guided.  Sometimes we get very stuck in wanting to know the the reasons why.  If I do this what is the gain.

I love being surprised and knowing unknown to me the subtle changes are what transforms you to Be divine and bright!

if you are interested in this kriya the go to 

have fun!!

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Yogic salutation

Posted by Sukhjinder Kaur
Sukhjinder Kaur
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It starts off quite demanding physically but ends with a meditation involves you so completely. Really need to practise this one, especially the meditation. Your focus has to be so complete otherwise you start to panic. The best way to get through is to be as calm and still as possible.

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